You’ve never heard your favorite song until you’ve heard it with Nura Personalized Sound.

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How do you choose the right pair of earbuds when we all hear differently? Even if you try many different ones, how do you know what you’re missing? Audio professionals are skilled at the art, but this takes years of experience.
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It’s all about the OAEs.

To level the playing field, we created an intelligent self-learning engine combined with low distortion drivers and high precision microphones The first time you connect to the Nura app, your Nura Personalized Sound device will run a quick, 60-second hearing test. It will automatically play a range of tones and measure your hearing (from the outer ear all the way to the brain). They do this by listening for Otoacoustic Emissions, or the very tiny, very faint echoes your ears produce in response (the OAEs!).

These tiny echoes contain information about the way you hear. The Nura app will then use that information to create your very own personalized hearing profile. This is how we perfectly match your Nura headphones to you, the listener, and remove any musical black spots! Nura headphones are the only headphones in the world that leverage our patented soundwave technology like this (that’s probably why we’ve won so many awards…).

Illustrated cross-section of ear, demonstrating how Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs) work

So what does the shape of my profile mean?

The Nura app visualizes your unique hearing profile as a multicolored audio “fingerprint,” which represents your sensitivity to different tones all wrapped around a circle. Low notes are at 12 o'clock and get higher moving clockwise. The further away your fingerprint extends from the center of the circle, the more sensitive you are to those frequencies.

Nura hearing profile mapped on a frequency-sensitivity graph

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