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The secret to perfect sound is you.

The secret to perfect sound is you

We all hear differently. The nuraphone uses a self-learning engine to automatically tune to your unique hearing bringing your music into stunning focus. Discover the magic of the nuraphone.

Introducing the nuraphone

We all hear differently.
The nuraphone uses a self-learning engine to automatically tune to your unique hearing bringing your music into stunning focus.

Any colour as
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Sold out for 2017
Order now for January 2018

“The nuraphones are something to be cherished”

via BBC Focus Magazine

“The nuraphone is the best headphone any of us have ever heard”

via New Atlas

“You'll wonder how you ever coped before!”

via Good Housekeeping

“nuraphones by nura are a revolutionary kind of headphone and probably the most innovative you can get”

via Forbes

“The difference before and after the app’s quick calibration is pretty staggering. It’s a much fuller, richer sound... trying another person’s customised sound was like listening underwater.”

via TechCrunch

"I convinced a friend to have their ears profiled and, sure enough, the resulting sound signature was distinctly different to mine... They preferred their profile; I preferred mine. The Nuraphones’ sound customisation is the real deal."

via Trusted Reviews

“Quite simply, it‘s the most technologically advanced headphone on the market to date.”

via Architectural Digest

“One thing is for certain: in personalized mode, nuraphones sound better than any headphones I’ve ever used.”

via FACT Magazine

“Nura’s headphones are like a prescription for your ears.”


“nuraphone’s adaptive headphones are the cleverest piece of audio equipment of all time”

via Alphr

“The audio voodoo really does add a depth and a sense of clarity to music that almost makes you worry that you must otherwise be slogging through life hearing the world only half as brightly as you could.”

via Engadget

“The difference is instantly night and day and will have you questioning why such a product wasn‘t invented sooner.”

via Magnetic Magazine

“Nuraphones offer incredible personal sound that has to be heard to be believed. Not only that, but the dual-driver setup means bass is out of this world and - crucially - controllable to your liking.“

via Tech Advisor

“The smartest way to
deliver the best sound quality possible”

via Recombu

“I thought it was witchcraft, wizardry that these actually know my ears better than I do, but after listening to other people's sound profiles, I'm convinced.”

via Btekt

"Their tech sounds like the stuff of fantasy – but it’s real, and it works"

via Trusted Reviews

“I‘ll admit, I was skeptical. I thought the Nura sounded too good to be true. But then I tried a pair, and that shut me up quick smart.”

via CNET

“The packaging, presentation and design is all superb.”

via Wallpaper

"Using an app and impressively scientific audio tech, the Nuraphones adapt to your own hearing - and it absolutely works. As does the haptic bass which can be adjusted on the fly. In short, you'll hear sounds on your favourite songs you've never noticed were there."

via International Business Times

“The Nuraphones sound ridiculously good, providing an expansive and detailed sound across all frequencies. The on- and in-ear design also means there are two seals from the outside world, and therefore isolation is brilliant.“

via Tech Advisor

Experience the nuraphone


Headphones reinvented

  • sonic moulding™
  • inova™
  • Dual layer sound isolation
  • Deep immersion
  • Wireless or wired connectivity

The difference is you

If you asked us to make you the perfect headphones we would start by measuring your hearing. That's because we all hear differently, and this difference is far greater than you realise.


Learns and adapts to you

At its core is a self-learning engine built into the nuraphone that automatically learns and adapts to your unique hearing. Hear your favourite music for the first time.

Learns your hearing in 60 seconds without even the press of a button.

Creates your unique hearing profile.

Adapts the sound system to match your hearing system.


Immerse Yourself

We don’t just hear music - we feel music. The nuraphone delivers bass you can feel, while maintaining crystal clear detail. It works by splitting the melodic sounds to an in-ear speaker, and the bass sounds to an over-ear tactile driver that delivers the sound through your skin.

For the first time you can adjust your level of immersion. Stand at the back of the room, or in the front row.

Moved by music


A complete redesign of the headphone

Soft silicon matched to your skin
Patented active cooling
inova™ architecture
Universal nura connector

Enables cable connection to Lightning, USB, USB-C, micro-USB & 3.5mm jack

Programmable touch control
Flexible band for all shapes and sizes
Durable metal body


nura’s patented in & over architecture


A truly personalised experience

Create your hearing profile using the nura iOS or Android app.

Once created, your profile is stored on the nuraphone.

Up to three unique profiles can be stored at the same time.

Create your hearing profile using the nura iOS or Android app.



techlawson Loving my nuraphones! This image represents how I hear music #WhatsYourSound 

chris.fullwood nuraphone created my own hearing profile #nuraphone #whatsyoursound #nura

bridgetty My hearing signature! #Whatsmysound #nuraphone

becflorence Check out my unique hearing profile #whatsyoursound #nurasound

therobyang Sound Portrait #nuraphone #whatsyoursound 

madbish_ Visualisation of my hearing! #WhatsYourSound #nuraphone



  1. nuraphone
  2. USB-A charging cable
  3. Magnetic locking protective case
Tech Specs
Dimensions 190 x 170 x 88 mm
Weight 329 g
Connectivity Bluetooth aptX HD, Universal Wired (Lightning, USB-C, micro-USB, analog)
Battery Lithium Ion Battery, Up to 20 hours
Noise Isolation Dual passive
Materials High grade stainless, aluminium cups, hypoallergenic silicon pads
Voice External microphones for calls
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