Personalised sound.

Personalised sound = perfect sound for you.

Put on the Nuraphone for the first time and it automatically learns how you hear.
Then press play and it adapts the sound to match your hearing, bringing you closer to the music you love.

How it works

The NURAPHONE & NURATRUE play a range of tones into the ear, and then measure very faint sounds that your ear generates in response, called otoacoustic emissions (OAEs). These tiny signals originate in the cochlea and vibrate the ear drum, turning it into a speaker and playing sound back out of your ear. Yes, our ears make sound! This sound is about 10,000 times quieter than the sound that went in.

Encoded in the returning sound wave is information about how well you heard the sound that went in. The NURAPHONE & NURATRUE use an extremely sensitive microphone to detect this returning sound wave, and the Nura self-learning engine creates your hearing profile. No interaction required. It all happens automatically and in about 60 seconds. It is a little bit magic.

Once the NURAPHONE & NURATRUE has created your hearing profile, they sonically shape your music so that it matches your hearing and delivers all the detail of the music you love. Once personalised, you can listen to your favorite music in stunning detail from your favorite player.

Learns how you hear in just 60 seconds.

Engineered with patented technology, the multi-award winning Nuraphone learns how you hear in less time than it takes to turn on your computer or lace up your sneakers.

Quick as that.

What does my hearing profile mean?

The Nura app creates a unique hearing profile that represents how you hear.

Your hearing profile has a colour which helps you to quickly recognise it belongs to you. The shape of the profile contains all the information about your relative hearing sensitivity to different tones.

What's my colour?

Our hearing is unique. At low notes and high notes and in left ear and right ear. It's not about good hearing or bad hearing. Your NURAPHONE & NURATRUE picks two colours that are unique to you, so that you can immediately recognise your unique hearing signature.

What does the shape of my profile mean?

The shape represents your hearing sensitivity, wrapped around a circle. Low notes at 12 o'clock and higher notes as the dial travels clockwise. The further away from the centre, the more sensitive you are to those frequencies.