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How We Make Your Hearing Profile

Read about the science behind the magic. Here is how our devices make your personalised hearing profile.

Nura Live From Home — Marsicans

Following their appearance in our Nura Live From Home series, the Marsicans give us a little insight into their world.

Music and Movement

Whether you're running, dancing, playing sport or working out you need to read this post on how music can help.

Nura Live From Home — Madame Gandhi

Off the back of her recent Nura Live From Home performance, we asked Madame Gandhi a few questions about her music, inspirations and life.

Supporting the Music Industry

We're in this together. Here are some ways we can support the music industry during COVID-19.

Our Favourite Live From Home Videos

A collection of some of our favourite Live From Home and Together At Home performances.

The History of Active Noise Cancellation

Have you ever wondered how active noise cancellation (ANC) was invented? Read on to find out. Article Contributor: Esat Dedezade

Mood Boosters, Anxiety Busters: Music to Make You Happy*

Can music change your mood? Yes! We put together some tips and music suggestions to boost your mood.

Nura From Home Challenge

Join us for the #NuraFromHome Challenge for your chance to win a Nuraphone, T-shirt and Tote Bag bundle.

Best Movie Soundtracks for Your Nuraphone

From Joker (2019) to Iron Man (2008) these film scores will sound amazing on your Nuraphone.

Tips for Looking After Your Piano

Our top tips for looking after your piano.
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