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What's Your Sound — Jaala

“There’s really nothing worse than being stuck in a rhythm… I think routine is the enemy,” says Cosi, laughing. This philosophy comes as no surprise given Jaala is behind some of the most vibrant, least routine music to come out of the Melbourne scene in years.

Drawing inspiration from a range of musical genres including “banging techno” and “heartaching folk”, Jaala’s sound is an amalgamation of the many influences in Cosi’s life — from her old tape collection, to her adored friends and musical peers.

But beneath Jaala’s constantly shifting beats and rhythms, Cosi’s evocative lyrical imagery carries the listener through. Nura’s Digital Marketing Executive (and Jaala ‘megafan’) Hannah recalls: “I remember watching Jaala play at Sugar Mountain Festival in 2016. When Cosi sang, ‘Large hard hands holding half empty cans whilst driving’ from their song Salt Shaker, I could smell Carlton Draft as I walked through the doors of the imaginary RSL in my mind.”

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