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Nura Live with Lucianblomkamp

Full Name: Lucianblomkamp
Born: Cape Town, South Africa (25th March 1994)
Live: Melbourne, Australia
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‍Describe 'you' to our audience

I’m a producer who makes ‘experimental’ electronic music, although in recent years it’s been a bit more pop-orientated.

Tell us about your new release

I've been working on these tracks for around the past year and a half. Obviously I’ve been working on a lot of other bits and pieces in between then and now, but these are the ones that have prevailed. It’s an interesting release for me. It's much more in my nature to write in the context of albums. I haven't released an EP since 2013. To be honest, the change in format has really been influenced by the fact I wanted to write songs with the focus of them standing on their own. A collection of distorted singles basically. I’ve spent just as much time on these 5 tracks alone than I would have on most of my past albums. I didn’t want to cut any corners.

Tell us about your evolution as a producer

I mean, I only got into producing as a way to record myself playing guitar. From there, one thing just led to another. It took over everything else. Fast forward 9 years now and production is my full time gig.

Tell us about the track you performed for the Nura live session

The track I performed is called ‘Sound Of The Morning’ and is off my new EP ‘Motto’. This version isn’t actually exactly how it appears on the EP. This version is kind of a Frankenstein’s monster, combining elements of earlier demos and the final version together.

Tell us about that first moment you tried the Nuraphone

I’d been familiar with the Nuraphones through word-of-mouth for years. To be honest, the expectations were incredibly high and I wasn’t sure if I had hyped myself up to the point where disappointment was guaranteed. Thankfully, I was still absolutely blown away by them and surpassed my expectations. Since getting them I’ve really become 'that guy' when it comes to bragging about how great they are and forcing people to make sound profiles on them.

What's your favourite track to relax?

At the moment, 'Make My Dreams Come True' by Lontalius.

Watch our full series via Youtube here.

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