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Nura Events — Zenith Records

Nestled in the backstreets of Brunswick, Melbourne—a short walk from Nura HQ—sits Australia’s only dedicated record pressing facility, Zenith Records.

Experiencing a resurgence since the first Record Store Day in 2008, vinyl sales have been increasing for over seven consecutive years and show no sign of slowing. But why is it, in a time defined by successive waves of digital breakthroughs, the vinyl format continues to thrive?

“It’s nice to have a physical thing that you, as an artist, have made” says Melbourne–based artist and vinyl collector, Mojo Juju. “When a side is done, you have to go to the turntable and flip it over—you’re actively listening”

“Finding records takes you to beautiful and amazing places in the world, whenever I travel, I always go and look for records and often records stores are in funky parts of that city so you get to see amazing parts of the town” reflects Chris Gill of Northside Records.

Ahead of Record Store Day 2019, Nura chats to chats to vinyl lovers and the team behind–the–scenes at Zenith to find out more about the pressing process and what it is about the format that keeps us coming back.

In collaboration with local music label, Spirit Level, Nura is releasing the world’s first music optimised for the Nuraphone — find out more here.

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