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What's Your Sound — Max Cooper

We chat with London-based techno producer Max Cooper about how his Ph.D. in computational biology influences his music, and why the Nuraphone is perfect for his sound.

It’s not every day we meet somebody who’s as obsessed with combining music and science as we are. But Max Cooper fits the bill. Across 50-something releases, Max has created a unique sound that’s as informed by his Ph.D. as the regular electronic music touchstones.

At the Amsterdam Dance Event, after playing a sold-out show at the legendary London venue, Koko, Max tries the Nuraphone for the first time:

“With the Nuraphone, everything’s really precisely separated — [In my music] I always try to create this abstract space where sounds sit in all these different places and some move around… If I close my eyes, I can pick out where the sounds are much more precisely than other headphones…”

Watch on to see Max Cooper talk clubs, the Nuraphone and, yes, even computational biology.   

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