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Nura x Creators — Thy Tran

What inspired your shoot?

For this collaboration with nura, I wanted to capture my personal appreciation for the music we listen to. The kind of feelings when we interact with music allow us to create a personal landscape in our mind — where can create a landscape of reality of our own.

Song that inspires you?

Miharu Koshi and Hauomi Hosono — Swing Slow (yes, the entire album on repeat).

Your go-to track when you have a creative block

Lotus Flower — Radiohead

Your celebration track

Wuthering Heights — Kate Bush

Best track to de-stress to?

Saturday Night — Devendra Banhart

Your favourite Nuraphone feature and why?

I love how Nura looks at things differently, especially the personal hearing profile. The minimal digital representation of my hearing looks like a tiny piece of artwork and is rather luminous.

If there is, what is the relationship or importance of music to your craft and does it have an impact on your work?

Music is one of the essential components of my life, it’s a way to recharge my mental batteries and helps pull me out of creative blocks.

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