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Full Focus — Aisha Kuryana

We are excited to be teaming up with local and international photographers to bring to life the feeling of being immersed in music.

"Inspired by iconic 80’s dance movies such as Flashdance, I wanted to explore the intimacy between Melbourne-based dancer Aisha Mary and dance" — Tasha Tylee

What is the importance of music to you?
  • Music has always been my favourite way of connecting. Connecting with nature, with people and with my body. Music is important as it tells stories better than words, stories of vulnerability and growth. When I look back at the music I’ve listened to over the years, its stands as a symbol for where I was at in my life. Theres something out there for every part of the journey.

How does music influence your everyday life?
  • I’m unafraid to say that Im a total music nerd. As a dancer I love feeling out new songs in the morning, then I could be making a mixtape in the evening. Ive been getting into some deep Youtube holes lately watching old live performances. Ive been watching a lot of old Jamiroquai shows from the early 90’s, his tone is incredible.
What are some artists/ songs you are loving right now?
  • Kimbra - Past Love
  • N.E.R.D - 1000 (from 2:08 is fire)
  • Kablito - Puto Colchón
  • Leven Kali - Do you wrong feat Syd
  • Janet Jackson - Throb

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