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Feedback Loop — Chela

In our series ‘Feedback Loop’ we talk to musicians from across the globe about their record bag and their first experiences using the nuraphone.

Chela is an Australian/Filipino songwriter, producer, and filmmaker who has been a prolific creator since a childhood spent creating music. Having carved out a reputation for her unique brand of futuristic pop and snappy syllabic delivery, she recommends a collection of glossy pop, R&B classics and remixes tracks to showcase the nuraphone.

I find the nuraphone efficient for vocal recording, as it gives you a very high-definition sound, and doesn’t bleed into the outside atmosphere too much (I like it loud!)

Chela began producing music on Logic software and writing rap music at age of twelve. When her family relocated to Melbourne when she was 15 she then taught herself how to play bass guitar to establish an all-female punk pop band with her friends — they toured Australia extensively for 3 years.

After the band broke up, 'Chela' was born, self-releasing her first single Plastic Gun and receiving airplay on Australian national radio. In 2013 French tastemaker label Kitsuné released Romanticise which gave the now practised producer and songwriter international attention. Later, she performed at SXSW, Coachella and supported Classixx and The Presets on their North American tours. Most recently, Chela has released a new single, a duet with fellow-Australian Banoffee called 'Shut You Up', an anthem about switching off from technology.

Your go-to headphone test track
  • Wildfire — SBTRKT featuring Little Dragon. Known for its dynamic range.
1st song you played on the nuraphone  
  • Romanticise — Chela [remix by Le Bruce]. When I first set up the nuraphone it started randomly playing my from my iTunes library. The first song was the ‘Romanticise’ remix by Le Bruce. It freaked me out, especially because I wasn’t expecting any music to play, I hadn’t listened to that song in over a year and I had recently been thinking about ‘ol Le Bruce.
The first of your own tracks you listened to on the nuraphone
  • I also played my latest single Bad Habit because it also has a good dynamic range for testing sound
Your favourite song to relax on flights/tour with  
  • Fade Into You —  Mazzy Star
The track you always play to rescue a dance floor  
  • Doo Wop —Lauryn Hill
The song that has had the most rewinds  
  • Not a rewind kind of guy
One track you’d recommend the nura community listen to on the nuraphone  
  • The All The Colours Shame Remix by Le Bruce
The track you play to show off your eclectic tastes with  
  • I think Monkey Magic by Godiego could be called eclectic?
The best track by your favourite new artist
  • 1950 — King Princess
The next song you’ll play on the nuraphone  
  • The Hi Life remix of my next single Shut You Up featuring Banoffee

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