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What's Your Sound — Daedelus

“We never stop listening — our ears never turn off. Even when we’re asleep our ears are still listening — of all our sensory apparatus our ears never quit. And to think we don't give them their due difference, we don't give them their pride spot in this reality. We're constantly creating our reality by what we're hearing and I know that there’s lots of different ways of hearing; we hear in our body, we hear in our general awareness — it’s amazing what hearing actually is,” says Daedelus ahead of his exceptional and genre-bending new A/V show Pantopes performed at Sónar Barcelona earlier this year.

The Los Angeles-based producer, born Alfred Darlington, has spent the last 15 years creating a dreamworld of gleaming synths, disembodied vocals, and off-kilter drum programming that feels far more human than its electronic construction may suggest. His creative versatility is reflected by a fascinating discography, released on essential labels including Plug Research, Mush, Ninja Tune, Anticon and Brainfeeder.

Knowing his globally acclaimed live shows push the limits of musical performance and technology, we couldn't wait to discuss sound and science with Daedelus at Sónar Barcelona, whose reaction to hearing the Nuraphone for the first time ignited a discussion of the simple beauty of hearing and perceiving sound.

I decided to listen to a track I wasn’t intimately familiar with — I wanted to listen to something new, with new ears... and when I turned it to the personalised mode… Even now just thinking about it, I'm hit by this emotional moment — this button…  I didn’t expect that.

Watch the In Conversation video to hear Daedelus discuss his thoughts on the Nuraphone, and glimpse his stunning Pantopes show.

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