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Nura x Creators — Nye

For our new series ‘Nura x Creators’, we talk to creatives across the globe about the relationship between music and their craft. We speak to Melbourne-based jeweller Nye De Marchi of By Nye about her favourite tracks to listen to with the nuraphone.

What do you create?

I make jewellery

Song that inspires you

Love by Lonesome Echo Productions

Your go to track when you have a creative block

I’d probably throw on a Hope St Radio playlist. Sunni Hart does a segment called The Kick Inside and it always hits the spot.

Your favourite Nuraphone feature and why?

Noise-cancellation is a huge one for me when working, it gets me into the zone and helps me not to break focus.

Best track to de-stress to

Warren Ellis and Nick Cave’s White Lunar album

If there is, what is the relationship or importance of music to your craft and does it have an impact on your work?

I think music definitely sets the tone for how I work. There are songs that transport me to a creative space where I can engage with new ideas and then at the other end of the spectrum there are tracks that I play to help me churn out a 12 hour day at the bench.

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