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Creators — Lachy Siu

For our series ‘nura x Creators’, we talk to creatives across the globe about the relationship between music and their craft. This week, we speak to designer Lachy Siu of Love + Money agency and It’s All Fluff about his favourite tracks to listen to with the nuraphone.

What do you create?
  • I’m a designer at Love + Money agency predominately working across digital branding, art direction and UX design. I was a lead designer who worked on Fluff – a company aiming to change the way we view cosmetics.
What is the relationship or importance of music to your craft and does it have an impact on your work?
  • I’m used to working in teams which definitely has its perks, but being surrounded by people all day can be a huge strain mentally and physically. Music is great for finding some personal space and time for yourself even when there is a heap going on around you.
Song that inspires you
  • Octa Octa – Fleeting Moments of Freedom
Your go-to track when you have a creative block
  • Bjork’s Vespertine Album
Best track to de-stress to
  • Ruthven – Hypothalamus
Favourite track to work to
  • Barnt – Chappell
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