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Creators — Jarrad Martyn

Jarrad Martyn's practice explores how different moments in Australian history have been framed and how we engage with spaces after they have become abandoned. Through painting and installation Martyn employs the principles of bricolage 'something constructed from a diverse range of things' to bring together imagery and research to create a more conversational meaning of the history being explored.

What do you create?
  • I create paintings and drawings which explore how certain moments in history have been framed. I use the principles of bricolage to bring together imagery and research to create a more conversational meaning of the event, encouraging the audience to consider how complicit they are prepared to be in the framing of it.


Photography — Liam Gillie
Song that inspires you
  • I really enjoy listening to tracks which discuss events from the artists life before they became famous, it brings a sense of perspective to their story. One example would be the Daft Punk song Giorgio by Moroder.  
Your go-to track when you have a creative block
  • It can vary from opera to techno, I often like listening to tracks which I associate with a lived experience when I have a creative block, such as the Jamie XX version of Real Lies track North Circular, which I associate with past memories of Berlin.
Photography — Liam Gillie
Your celebration track
  • I still have lots of learning to do, so I often don’t celebrate but I would probably listen to something timeless like early Blink 182, which I associate with lots of nostalgia.
Best track to de-stress to
  • Probably something chill and light, I often find myself listening to the track Feather by Nujabes.  
Your favourite nuraphone feature and why
  • I like how it adapts to your own unique hearing making the experience become more personalised.
Photography — Liam Gillie
If there is, what is the relationship or importance of music to your craft and does it have an impact on your work?
  • Music is great company in the long hours that I spend alone in the studio and can help regulate my mood when I have a couple of deadlines for projects fast approaching.
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