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Nura x Creators — Hey Aunty!

For our series Nura x Creators we talk to creatives across the globe about the relationship between music and their craft. We caught up with Shantel Wetherall, producer and presenter of the Hey Aunty! podcast.

"Hey Aunty! gives voice to Black women, fems and non-binary siblings in Australia. Connecting Sisters across cultures and generations and showing that there're millions of ways to be magical."

What do you create?

I create a podcast called Hey Aunty! – which shares the stories of Black women, fems and non binary siblings who’ve been there. Drawing on the proud tradition of the Aunty to connect Sisters across cultures and generations. We ask questions we wish we could’ve asked an elder and share our stories, demonstrating that there’s a million ways to be a magical black woman.

What’s your favourite Nuraphone feature?

I love feeling immersed in sound. My pod is all about extending virtual community to folks who feel isolated. Creating a ‘room’ where they feel at home and understood. Who doesn’t want to really sink into that feeling? It’s magic.

Image by Madeline Bishop
Best track to de-stress to?

A Baru in New York flume x Yolanda be Cool & Dr G. First recommend by friend Leila Gurruwiwi. She told me to turn it up, close my eyes and feel connected to country. It works a treat and fills me with such joy and gratitude. Try it, you’ll see what she means!

A song which inspires you?

Chaka Kahn like sugar! Chaka is a legend and her revival with this song shows that she’s still as relevant as ever. A classic artist who never seems to age, that’s something I adore about all my sisters.

Favourite track for working?

I love hip hop when I’m working. It’s all about ingenuity and resilience. But I’m getting on bait, so more like to be Common than Future these days. Black America again is an incredible album. I’m calling him for next EGOT!

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