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Nura x Creators — BakedLab

Joe Baker of BakedLab creates a unique interpretation from his first time using the Nuraphone.

“If it’s strange, funny or scary enough, I’ll draw it.”
Yamaneko’s album Spa Commissions in full colour by BakedLab

What is it that you create?

I create hand drawn and digital illustrations.

A song that inspires you

Dye the Water Green — Bibio

Oren’s Theme from the album Caramel by Konx Om Pax in full colour as illustrated by BakedLab

Your go-to track when you have a creative block

Radiant Industry — Jamie Vexd

Your celebration track

Centre of the Sun — Eprom

Hell Hath No Fury by Klute in full colour, illustrated by BakedLab

Best track to de-stress to

Coastal Cruise ’86 — High Tides

What is your favourite Nuraphone feature and why?

I really love the immersion control! It blocks out every other sound and helps me focus when I’m trying to bang out new ideas in the studio.

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